Outreach Program

Every Saturday afternoon we reach out to the homeless by providing a place where they can take a shower, get some clean clothes, enjoy a meal, games and fellowship. This Care Day program provides an opportunity for our trainees to 'give back', and for volunteers to get involved.

Internship Program

We invite homeless, disabled and above age orphans to join our three month residential internship program. We focus on basic life skill training, personal development and vocational skills.

Volunteers are invited to join us in the weekly English classes on Thursdays, or other training programs.

Vocational Program

Most trainees will continue in our two year Vocational program as official employee. During these two years, the trainees stay in our homes and receive a basic salary from which they contribute towards food and lodging. They learn vocational skills in our workshop, and still continue to receive a variety of training.

Reintegration Program

The purpose of our program is to help our trainees towards independent healthy and sustainable living. When they graduate from our program they are ready to move out by themselves and find a suitable job.

We need your help in providing potential internships or job placements for our trainees.

Contact Us

at webinfo(at)homesweethome(dot)org(cn)