How to Donate Items

If you're interested in donating items in kind, please email us at webinfo(at)homesweethome(dot)org(dot)cn with details and possily some pictures. This will help us assessing whether the items are of use to us, and to make the proper arrangements for delivery or pick-up.

Donations for Our Homes and People 

Home Sweet Home receives many donated items, used or new. Many of the donated household items can be used either in our homes where our trainees live for two years, or when they move out from the home and begin living in their own rented place. The relocation is a milestone for those who have completed the program, as they progress from being homeless to having their own living place.

Donations for the Homeless

Home Sweet Home distributes food, toiletries and clothing to the homeless and the poor living in Puxi and Pudong on Care Day. Your donation can help us provide them with some basic necessities.

Please make sure that all food and drinks have not reached their expiry date before delivery to HSH, and that they are packed in ways that are easy to carry. Please note that most homeless people are not accustomed to eating western food, so we prefer to accept Chinese food donations.

Donations for Our Office and Training Program

Are you updating your office equipment? Some of your used office equipment or furniture might still be of use for us. Let us know!